What is included in a standard package?

Decals are provided for the radiator shrouds, front and rear fender, number boards (front and sides), airbox, fork tubes and fork plastics and swingarms. You’ll also get 10 mini (6cm wide) number boards included for free. If you aren’t looking for a complete set that’s also cool, we can do individual numbers, panels etc.  Our designs are kept for as long as possible, each customer having their own folder in our system, just in case you need a replacement sticker or want to print a duplicate at any point in time.

How long will it take for me to get my package?

On average, it takes us 1-3 working days to get the design done. Of course, this is dependent on how busy we are. At the start of each season we’re at our peak, and the design might take a day longer. Once the design is done, we’ll email you a proof with a quote. Once happy with the design, in order for us to continue with the process, we need a 50% deposit, and once proof of payment has been emailed to us, we can print the decals, laminate them, have them machine-cut and then packaged within the next 2 working days. Once packaged, they can be couriered to you, or you can pick them up from us, when the decal set has been paid for in full.

If you are in a need of a kit in a hurry, we can do this, however as most of us know rushing leads to mistakes, so for in order to push you in front of the Que we require a 15% surcharge fee.

Do I get a Proof of the design before your print?

Yes indeed! Once we are done with the design, we will email you the proof to make changes if needed. We do need a minimum  R300 deposit on all orders before we begin the design process, which cuts out time wasters and speeds up your order.

How can I find out about prices?

Our prices differ based on your order. Different bikes have different prices based on the amount of material used to make the decals. There are added extras to a standard decal package that will add to the cost as well. To get your price, email info@racestargraffix.com with exactly what you would like to order for a free quote – and don’t forget to mention what bike the decals will be for!

I want something full custom, but I have no idea what I want – where do I begin?

It’s always a good idea to start off with the basics, colours and logos. Add borders, fades, stripes, florals, or any effect you can think of. You may find it easier to choose once you’ve gone through our photo gallery, or set of semi-custom kits. Feel free to look online at any specific images or themes, send some images to us with your order and we can try our best to get exactly what you want done.

How can I make my decals last?

It’s difficult for us to guarantee that your decals will last for a set amount of time, but when riders ask us this, we always offer Gripper Material. It’s added to certain parts of the decals, in places prone to wear and tear. There is no set period each decal kit will last you – every rider has a different style, some are harder on their plastics than others.

Another way of ensuring your kit will last long is by applying it correctly and letting it set for 24 hours before riding.  You can also purchase a ‘Cleaning & Application’ kit from us which will help getting your plastics properly prepped before the decals go onto them.

If your plastics are worn or broken, the chances of the decals adhering nicely is affected. Because of this, we’ve offer sets of new plastics as well. This means you can get new plastics, an awesome decal set, pit wear, and bling for your bike all in one place – no more shopping around!

Do you guys do Application?

Yes we do! We have set up some instructions on the site to help. If you’re still stuck, and live in Joburg, we are able to stick the decals on for you. We charge an extra R250 for this service, provided that the bike is brought to us clean and without any old stickers or decals. Sticking bikes is something we do here at Racestar – so that we have all of our handy tools with us, and the process is effective in terms of time and money. In busy seasons, if we need to stick bikes as well, this adds time to the process.

Can I add Red Bull / Rockstar Energy / Monster Energy to my decals?

Unfortunately not.  There are no graphics companies in the world legally allowed to print these logos, unless for sponsored athletes of those companies. For that reason the only bikes you will see with these Legitimate logos on their bikes will be their official athletes

Can you ship worldwide?

Yes indeed we ship all of Africa, and the world!

What happens if I dont see my bike Listed or have a really old motorcycle?

We have a large range of templates for most bikes 2000 onwards. If you are unsure about the model, send us a picture of your bike and we will let you know straight away if we have the template or not. All our designs can be transferred on different models

Can I add my Own Logos to my decals?

Most certainly, However The logo must be in EPS, PDF, CDR or Adobe Illustrator format. We do not accept Jpeg, Jpg, Gif or BMP, only vector based logos.

Can I add the KTM/Husqvarna Logo to my decals?

Yes indeed! We are one of very few decal companies in South Africa with official KTM and Husqvarna Licensing, and can print their logos on your kit.

For any other queries, complaints or quotes email info@racestargraffix.com , and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Our working hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. 


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